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            Sponsorship with Advertising on SHORT FUSE LIVE Segments

 The current station / show that the Short Fuse Radio segments is heard on a weekly  basis. 
 Current rates apply with the airtime on the Ham Radio Show with the Unfiltered Radio  Network. On Satellite / Internet. 

  *For the Northern Clientele - The Ham Radio Show on Hamradioshow.com Demos  males 18--45 and has a listener- ship of almost 6000 Live listeners and approximately  3000/4000 Downloads in the Northern Illinois area.
    *Due to the airtimes cost to the Half Pint Tours, Inc.


    Live Radio Airtime Prices Per Show

​     $150 per segment
   $100 per segment / $400 per month
   $100 per segment / 24 hour monthly      Website brand link - $600 per month

 Half Pint Tours, Inc. will design your own  original banner for the link on websites  with purchase if needed.

      S h o r t  F u s e  R a d i o  S e g m e n t s
                                One Time Weekly

                                Four Times Monthly

   *Monthly segments with website brand
   2 Mentions on half hour segment

Short Fuse Radio Segments will be signing several different shows throughout the United States. Each daily and weekly rates are subject to change on the listenership of each show and station.
 *Due to the airtimes cost to the Half Pint Tours, Inc.

Half Pint Tours, Inc. 75 Willard Avenue Unit 8 Elgin, IL. 60120 (985) 628 - 6904


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